adult driver's education course

AGE REQUIREMENT: 18 -24 years of age

Only $100!!! No registration, certification, or notarization fees!!


What's Included?

6 hours of class instruction

What topics are covered?

Students will learn the fundamentals of traffic laws and traffic signs, as well as how to navigate common traffic situations.

Once the classroom instruction is completed, students are required to pass a traffic laws and traffic signs test in order to obtain certificate of completion.

What's the next step?

Once the certificate of completion is obtained, a student can go to the Department of Public Safety and take the driving exam to earn a driver license or purchase a learner permit.

Class schedule:

Saturday's from 9am - 3pm

Deadline to register for adult class is the Wednesday before Saturday's class.

Do you need to practice your driving?

  • ON-ROAD DRIVING INSTRUCTION is available at the rate of $40 per hour
    • Instructor will focus on skills needed for DPS driving exam.

Material needed by DPS to apply for Texas Drivers license

  • Birth Certificate - Original document or certified copy
  • Social Security Card - Original document or certified copy
  • Certificate - Provided by Hernandez Driving School
  • $25.00 - Given to the DPS for purchase of driver license
  • Texas ID/School ID
  • 2 Utility Bills

Adult Driver's Ed Forms (click to open)

    Pay for Adult Driver's Ed Course online or in person at Hernandez Driving School

    Cash, check*, and all major credit cards accepted**

    *$35 dollar fee for all returned checks

    **$5 convenience fee per transaction